How to Kill Spider Mites Without Harming Your Plants

There are many spider mite control methods crop growers and gardener can use. Some are kill all of the spider mites but can be harmful to plants. There are several underlying factors of the efficiency of such methods – spider mite population; plant and health resistance, the growing environment, and others. But whatever technique you use, it is always important that you kill the spider mites without harming your plants. Here are some methods to do so:

1. Use predatory mites and insects.

These are preferred by most growers as they control the population of spider mites by natural means. The predatory mites and insects naturally feed on the spider mites, eliminating the use of pesticides and insecticides which may harm plants.

2. Spray down the leaves with water.

This is the simplest strategy for getting rid of spider mites. Spraying plain water on the undersides of the leaves can dislodge the spider mites. But you can’t get rid of all the mites, by this process alone, especially when the population is high. But you can make this process more effective by using other ingredients such as capsaicin which irritates spider mites. You can also consider using more effective ingredients for killing the mites, like alcohol, soap, garlic extract, lemon juice, or cinnamon oil. Wash the leaves of your plants after spraying with water mixed with one of these ingredients. This is to avoid harming your plants.

3. Drown the spider mites.

Drowning is another method of getting rid of spider mites. To do so, get a bucket of water and submerge your small potted plant in. As you do so, you will notice bubbles forming. Observe and when the bubbles are gone, wait for about 10 minutes and pull off your plant from the water. This method will drown the spider mite population. But this method may not be applicable for big potted plants and those that are planted on the ground.

4. Freeze the spider mites.

Carbon dioxide fumigation can be considered an extreme method of killing spider mites. But this can be effective as plants need CO2 and spider mites require oxygen to survive. Placing your infested plants in a sealed environment with carbon dioxide will definitely kill the mites. But see to it that you properly control ventilation and carbon dioxide content since CO2 can be hazardous to people.

5. Use other plants as spider mites control method.

There are some plants that can repel spider mites naturally, such as coriander, garlic, lavender, chili, onions, cilantro, and cloves. You can plants these near your plants or just buy sprays based on them.

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