Garden Hose Nozzles Reviews

When you are purchasing a garden hose nozzle, there are some things you ought to know first to be well prepared to buy and walk away happy with your purchase. This review aims to cover these issues so you can make a well informed decision.

First, it appears like a lot of the rage nowadays is in the plastic spray nozzles that have various adjustable patterns. While these nozzles can certainly be nifty, they are typically all made from plastic parts. Even the more expensive kind with a metal handle still rely upon plastic parts for a lot of the components that are adjustable. For some reason, these kind of nozzles just do not seem to last very long. The plastic components especially seem to malfunction quickly, and do not manage abuse very well.

That's why the World's Best Brass Hose Nozzles are made from solid brass. One consumer actually ran over their nozzle with their truck (on purpose) to determine how durable the nozzle was. It worked terrific, without any leaks, even after that kind of abuse. Plastic nozzles typically would not fare well under that kind of treatment.

Next, not all brass hose nozzles are the same. Regrettably, lots of cheaply produced brass hose nozzles have the inner shaft press-fit into the hose attachment piece. This design tends to break. The two pieces at some point, occasionally earlier than later on, simply fail to be tightly connected. This brings about leaks and streams of water that spray you instead of your flowers or automobile!

The inner shaft of the World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle is made from one solid piece of brass. There is no way they can end up being separated. This guarantees the piece is going to last for a life-time of use.

Finally, most cheaply produced brass hose nozzles just have one rubber o-ring inside the nozzle at the pointer end of the nozzle. This o-ring is important, as it keeps the water from flowing back down the nozzle shaft and onto you. The World's Best Brass Hose Nozzle has 2 inner o-rings to guarantee a strong and leak-free connection.

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