Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter – 55 gal.

 Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter   55 gal. The first of it's kind the Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter - 55 gal. can be used outdoors year-round thanks to its 1.25-inch insulated side walls and lid. Using a patented lung or aeration core inside the sealed bin the Aerobin 200 promotes aerobic breakdown of organic matter which is the best method for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to its thermal insulation the Aerobin conserves heat resulting in rapid breakdown all year even in cooler regions. You'll never have to turn the biomass and it's pet- and rodent-resistant. Regularly add wet materials like food scraps coffee grounds and lawn clippings with dry materials like leaves twigs and newspaper simply by dropping it in the open lid. Compost is quickly produced and can be accessed via two lower side doors. Moisture is also captured in the Leachate tank for collection of liquid nutrients or compost tea. You'll need to attach a plastic hose to the outlet in the base and empty the tea into a shallow plate or tray. With 1 part tea to 20 parts water you'll have a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your lawn. The revolutionary design of the Aerobin helps you contribute positively to the environment with aerated composting of household and garden waste rather than dumping this waste in the garbage adding to the environmental problems. The Aerobin was developed by an Australian company as an answer to concerns for the carbon cycle on planet Earth. It has been tested and proven to achieve the highest performance in composting against world ranking compost units at the Swinburne University of Technology Environment & Biotechnology Centre. About Global Environment ManagementA joint venture between Motherson Sumi Systems Limited Mauritius Pte Ltd a Samvardhana Motherson Group Company which is a focused dynamic and progressive group providing customers with value added products services and full systems solutions and ECompost Pty Ltd a Melbourne Australia-based specialist developer of ecologically sustainable

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