Back Porch ComposTumbler 35 Gallon Compost Tumbler

 Back Porch ComposTumbler 35 Gallon Compost Tumbler Designed for people with small urban gardens the Back Porch ComposTumbler 35 Gallon Compost Tumbler is a heavy-duty rotating compost bin. The compact portable design makes it an ideal choice for those who have small amounts of materials to compost and those who can't lift heavy bins or churn thick compost piles by hand.The compost drum is made of double-wall high-density polyethylene with an insulating air cell. It features an aerator and drainage unit on the bottom that allows fresh air to enter and excess moisture to escape so materials won't get soggy. Fresh air travels through the contained materials and flows out of the screened vents on each side. As it does this the air aids the decomposition process taking place inside.The drum sits 7 inches off the ground on a polyester powder-coated black steel tube frame. Indented grooves on the drum make it easy to grip and turn the drum for proper mixing. Two wheels on the frame allow you to roll this compost tumbler to any location in your yard wherever you need to add compost.This efficient compost tumbler can hold up to 4.7 cubic feet of compost materials or approximately one 30-gallon trash bag full. Because it holds less volume than some other compost bins it generates less heat and therefore takes 4-6 weeks to produce compost. If you want the benefits of quick composting but only have small amounts of material at your disposal then the Back Porch ComposTumbler is a smart choice for you.

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