Honeysuckle – Claveys Dwarf

 Honeysuckle   Claveys Dwarf Clavey's Dwarf Honeysuckle, Lonicera xylosteum 'Claveyi', is a compact, finely branched, dwarf Honeysuckle that has clean gray-green foliage and can be sheared to form a dense hedge. The yellow flowers in May are followed by red berries in autumn. It is a useful and easy-to-grow plant and likes average, well drained soil. Once established, the plant is drought tolerant and grows 6-8 feet tall and has a 5-6 foot spread. Appears to be quite salt tolerant. Honeysuckles are easy to grow, vigorous, heat-tolerant, and nearly indestructible. The flashy and fragrant flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long. Many honeysuckles will thrive in containers as well.

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