Kill Spider Mites Without Hurting Your Plants

There are a number of spider mite control techniques gardeners and crop growers can use. Some may be effective but can harm plants. There are several underlying factors of the efficiency of such methods – spider mite population; plant and health resistance, the growing environment, and others. But whatever control measure you use, what’s important is that you exterminate the spider mites without causing harm to your plants. So check out the following effective but safe strategies:

1. Use predatory mites and insects.

Many crop growers and gardeners turn to this method to control spider mite population in a natural way. Such predatory or beneficial mites and insects naturally eat the harmful spider mites without hurting plants. This eliminates the need for using insecticides and pesticides.

2. Spray down the leaves with water.

This is the simplest strategy for getting rid of spider mites. Spraying plain water on the undersides of the leaves can dislodge the spider mites. But this process will not remove all of the mites, especially when the population is out of control. But in order to make this strategy more effective, you can use other ingredients like capsaicin which irritates the mites. You can also consider using more effective ingredients for killing the mites, like alcohol, soap, garlic extract, lemon juice, or cinnamon oil. After spraying with water mixed with one of the above-mentioned ingredients, wash the leaves after a couple of minutes. This is to avoid harming your plants.

3. Drown the spider mites.

Another way to kill spider mites is to drown them. To do so, get a bucket of water and submerge your small potted plant in. As you do so, you will notice bubbles forming. When there’s no more bubbles, leave your plant for 10 minutes. Pull it off the water afterwards. This method will drown the spider mite population. However, this may not be suitable for large potted plants or those growing on the ground.

4. Freeze the spider mites.

Carbon dioxide is an extreme strategy for getting rid of spider mites. This is a very effective process as mites cannot live without oxygen. On the other hand, it is very good for plants as they love carbon dioxide. Placing your infested plants in a sealed environment with carbon dioxide will definitely kill the mites. However, in this process make sure you control CO2 content and ventilation properly as CO2 can be harmful to people.

5. Use other plants as spider mite control measure.

There are certain plants that can naturally repel the mites, such as chili, garlic, onions, coriander, cloves, cilantro, and lavender. You could plant these near the plants you want to protect, or simply buy sprays based on these plants.

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