Japanese Honeysuckle – Halliana

 Japanese Honeysuckle   Halliana Japanese Honeysuckle 'Halliana', Lonicera japonica 'Halliana', is the most commonly seen Honeysuckle and is also known as Hall's Honeysuckle. It has whitish-yellow flowers with a delightful fragrance. Hall's Honeysuckles are a very fast growing plant to 15 to 30 feet. When used as a ground cover, they are about 2 feet tall. It produces rampant growth capable of engulfing wire or chain-link fences in just a couple of seasons. It is also a reliable, fragrant evergreen vine for a shade arbor. Excellent for screening or to drape over an unsightly wall or wood fence. Honeysuckle enjoys the full sun, but grows and flowers well in partial shade. Honeysuckle can be cut nearly to the ground in late winter/early spring when it becomes too big; new shoots emerge and growth resumes in the spring. A country-garden standby often trained onto dilapidated outbuildings or into the branches of dead trees. Capable of covering huge amounts of space in a short time, this vine makes a great ground cover on banks and slopes for erosion control. Be aware that is can be quite invasive.

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