Setting up Garden Decor from Home Made Twig Craft

To be able to make twig crafts can be very exciting as well as fairly handy eventually. Not simply individuals are being able to ‘train’ and sharpen their particular craftsman ability; fortunately they are able to produce useful things that can be remarkably practical within their everyday life. People might not know that they could help to make their particular handmade picture body, dog pen dish, pen pot, and also flower vase -when they learn how to do it.

Twig craft might be easy and quite old fashioned, but a majority of individuals want it due to the simplicity. Moreover, people have been dealing with twig crafts ever since they are little. When we were little and we were allowed to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, we liked collecting things that we consider cool and beautiful, but they turn out to be the natural products of the surrounding environments. Things like twigs, sticks, pine cones, or bark are quite common in our daily lives. When we were kids, such objects become our main focus in playing. We might turn the twigs into people or we use the pine cones for decorators. In short, using twigs for our simple yet classic and beautiful craft work is quite common and ordinary.

In short, twigs can be turned into various beautiful and artistic results. For example, when people want to have garden arbor, why should they ask for help from professional builder? They can always have their own personal do-it-yourself project where they build their own garden accessories. However, the usage of twigs should be combined with sturdy and solid wooden posts. The twigs mainly act as the decorative elements. When people want to build their own garden arbor, here are the steps to do it:

- Choose wooden posts that are solid and strong. Be sure that they aren’t rotten or have defects.
- Dig up the holes for the posts. Be sure that the holes’ depth is around a foot. People can fill the holes with cement when they are sure that the posts are straight enough.
- Connect the vertical posts with another smaller post. People can put the horizontal posts in level manner. Be sure that the vertical posts won’t budge and strong enough to hold the horizontal ones.
- Based on the horizontal post, people can use other smaller posts – along with the twigs – to finish off the arbor.

If people want to make smaller craft like the willow twig in basket, the procedure will be easier.

- Use bigger twigs for the basket base.
- Build the basket in the style of log cabin and try to build up the basket sides. Be sure to nail each of the twig to the one on the below part until the willow twig basket finishes
- For the handle, put one twig on one particular side and nail it on the bottom and the top stave. Bend the twig to the other side and nail it to the top and also the bottom stave.

If people like natural stuffs and atmosphere for their garden, there are plenty of garden decor products that can be made of twigs. Simple flower vase from twigs can deliver homey and country-traditional atmosphere to the house. People can also make welcome sign from twigs that can be attached to the gate of their house or their garden.

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