Dura-Trel 90 Gallon Vinyl White Compost Bin

 Dura Trel 90 Gallon Vinyl White Compost Bin If you want an attractive compost bin for your yard that produces very little smell then the Dura-Trel 90 Gallon Compost Bin - White is for you. The open-slat design reduces odor and allows air to ventilate your compost freely. The removable front rails make it convenient to add or remove compost from the side in addition to the top. The base of the compost bin is open which enables your compost materials to rest directly on the ground and remain accessible to helpful insects and worms. This high-quality white compost bin is made in the USA of weather-resistant 100% maintenance-free vinyl. A UV-stabilizer in the vinyl enhances its sun-resistant properties and helps ensure that this incredibly durable compost bin will never fade crack peel or rot. You'll never have to paint it either. With its smart modern design and 20-year warranty you've run out of excuses. Order yours today and start composting! About Dura-Trel Inc. Durability versatility reliability and quality. These are the cornerstones of Dura-Trel's commitment to you. Our lawn and garden selections are an unbeatable and maintenance-free enhancement that can help transform the outdoors from average to outstanding. As you would expect from a national corporation with over 25 years of experience like ours we offer competitive pricing and quick delivery. But we also have something our competitors don't - a custom production process that blends the efficiency of large-scale manufacturing with the time-honored qualities of hand-crafting traditions.

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